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We are an IT engineering agency with over 15 years of experience and with extraordinary people

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Some words about us


We love building custom solutions for our customers,we write software, we build plugins,manage dedicated servers, VPS's, (custom) clouds, and help our customers scale.

  • Software Development

    We develop (Laravel)PHP, (Node)JS, Python, and Java software (Magento, Wordpress, Odoo plugins for example) ask for more.

  • Linux engineering

    We make custom and auto scaling solutions for cloudsystems, based on AWS, Varnish, Memcache, Linux, MySQL, Loadbalancing, CDN,Postfix, PowerMTA, CoreOS, Docker etc. We help our customers grow!

  • System integration and management

    We provide integrations with excisting platforms; extend your excisting software or extend your old software/ database to the internet. (Think of; Magento; LibreOffice,OpenOffice. Odoo, Exact, Ethereum contact us for more options!)

  • Q&A

    Together with your team (even near or offshore team) we can do the Q&A and communication based on many years of experience and work together to get your company to the next level.

  • Idea developing

    We help startups and develop ideas in to growth with them. New ideas from A - Z.

Feel free to call+31(0)50 785 2393

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Software Development

We develop PHP, JS, Python, and Java software for our clients

System Engineering

We build custom clouds and, manage (custom) servers


We develop software for Internet of Things purpose


We host sites and servers for our clients

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Please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will get as soon as possible (in 24 hour during office hours) back to you.